Bullseye is a new and exciting game – where the closer you are, the better it gets!

 Simply choose a number from 000,000 to 999,999, and the closer your number is to the Bullseye number drawn, the more you win. Each number only costs $2 to play per draw- or you can play every day of the week with 7 draws costing only $10 (saving you $4). The top prize pool starts at $100,000 and jackpots daily if not won.

Bullseye Draw

Every day at 6pm a number from 000,000 to 999,999 will be drawn at random by NZ Lotteries. The number is drawn by NZ Lotteries’ gaming system random number generator. This draw process has been approved by Audit NZ.

The Bullseye draw will take place daily at 6pm, seven days a week (with the exception of Good Friday and Christmas Day). The results will not be televised, but will be available to view at MyLotto from 7pm onwards.

Online Draw Experience

The online draw experience is available to view on demand on the Bullseye results page at mylotto.co.nz.

To find out if you’re a winner simply enter your Bullseye number(s) into the key pad (up to three numbers may be entered per draw). The character “Bull” will appear and he becomes your number. Then watch as he flies through the air and heads towards the target. Where “Bull” hits depends on how close your number is to the winning Bullseye number drawn that day.

Full results are also displayed on the target and are available to view in a table format.

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